We at Finstein, heavily leverage on our innovative technologies and amazing minds to provide simple yet powerful insights and executable solutions to our client's utmost pressing issues. After all, the shortest distance between two points is always a straight line.

It is an unprecedented pandemic situation and the rule book is of no relevance

We must be responsible and demonstrate resilience, adaptability, and relevance. Innovation is the key to successful recovery, and we will help the world script the new normal through our innovative solutions.

COVID19 – Considerations for Internal Audit Leaders​

COVID19 pandemic has forced businesses to relook at their business models, priorities and employee engagement. There is...

COVID19 – Cyber Security Considerations for Work from Home​

Organizations are investing heavily on digital technologies that enable work from home. There is a large scale increase...

Covid19 - Considerations for Inventory physical verification process​

After the announcment of a naitonwide lockdown during the last week of March, Organizations and its auditors were under...

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