Story-telling through Data Visualization – Story-telling through data visualization helps the company to reach the root of the data and it is the most effective way of communicating actionable insights. Finstein, with a group of experts in data analytics and visualization, understands the context of the organization's requirement, uses effective visualizations to come up with a storyline that helps the company to understand the deep insights of the data.

Audit Analytics – In the current data-driven era, it will be challenging to argue that internal control testing can be performed effectively and efficiently by manual control testing and process reviews. Audit analytics seems to be the right tool to gain an integral insight into the effectiveness of internal controls and spot any anomalies in the data that may need to be addressed.

Finstein, with analytics experts, aims to help the companies become information-driven organizations, where fact-based decision-making is embedded into daily operations resulting in better processes and outcomes. Finstein, with the use of various audit analytics tools, helps the organization uncover hidden insights on the fly, regardless of the size of the data.