MIS Automation – MIS can involve significant manual efforts in collecting data from various sources, summarizing, and developing various dashboards for decision making. At Finstein, we study your MIS, various data sources, and develop automated routines to develop your MIS resulting in reduced manual efforts. We go a step ahead and develop dashboards that can help Management take key decisions.

Technology Solutions – Every Organization is looking to adopt technology solutions at some point or the other. Technology solutions could involve significant efforts and time to achieve the required objectives. At Finstein, we partner with you to identify possible technology solutions for your problems and help you fix them with appropriate technology.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Organizations often realize that their employees spend significant time in routine and repetitive jobs. Organizations are dependent on RPA solutions to automate routine and repetitive jobs. At Finstein, we perform an in-depth analysis of your process to identify routine and repetitive activities that can be automated using an RPA. We will also go a step ahead and support in RPA implementation.

Digital Transformation – In the digital age, organizations are under tremendous pressure to modify existing business processes and customer experiences to meet ever-changing customer expectations. At Finstein, we support and partner with organizations in their digital transformation journey and also help organizations implement/develop various solutions as part of this journey.

Financials Consolidation – Finance Team spends significant time towards the book closure navigating through excel sheets and passing manual adjustments to perform the consolidation. Our team at Finstein has designed a solution that enables you to load the Trial Balance and derive your financial statements with notes to accounts and dashboards with a few clicks giving a clear audit trail on the entire consolidation process.